tips for planning a movie theater birthday party

tips for planning a movie theater birthday party

Cutting Cable Television Costs

by Eelis Niemi

As its cost seems to be getting higher and higher, cable television is becoming more of a luxury item. There are several different package plans available no matter who your cable television provider happens to be. If you enjoy watching television and movies, there are a few ways you can cut the costs of your cable bill without giving up your favorite shows. 

Ask About Packages

One way you can lower your cable bill is to opt for the basic cable package. Many cable television providers have different tiers of channels available for their customers. Basic cable television is usually limited to about twenty of the most popular networks. Adding other channels to your lineup will increase your bill. Take a good look at your package plan and see which channels you could eliminate without worry. If there are only a few that you can't live without and they are available in the basic package, opt for the basic. Make sure to keep a news and weather channel so that you can continue enjoying local information. These are usually included with your basic cable package.

Go To The Internet

The internet holds a vast amount of information, including the opportunity to view movies and television shows. Several channels will put popular programs on their webpage to be viewed for free. However, you may not be able to watch them at the exact moment they are being released; so you may need to wait a few days or weeks until they are available. If you are not in a hurry, though, watching your shows for free might be enticing over paying for premium cable channels.

Some cable providers offer free WiFi hot spot areas throughout your town if you are also a cable internet customer. You can use these hot spots to stream your programming live without having to pay exorbitant pricing. 

Buying Blu-Ray Discs

Consider purchasing Blu-Ray discs of your favorite television series from an online distributor. These are usually offered at an inexpensive price, allowing you to enjoy the series again and again since you are adding it to your personal library. The discs come out very quickly after the originals are aired. A variety of movies are also available, making it fun to expand your collection. For more information about finding complete TV series on blu-ray, contact a specialty store like Pristine Sales.

Projecting To A Large Screen

When streaming movies and television from your WiFi, you can enhance the experience by projecting it right to your television. There are devices that will allow you to log into your movie and television sites through a small remote control, allowing you to enjoy the picture on a larger screen than your cell phone or computer screen. Some gaming systems will also have this feature included with the easy use of plugging in the system to your television. Blu-Ray players are hooked up directly to your television so you enjoy high-quality programming that is even sharper than the picture you would have with cable. 


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tips for planning a movie theater birthday party

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