tips for planning a movie theater birthday party

tips for planning a movie theater birthday party

A Mini Guide For Going To The Movie Theater With A Toddler

by Eelis Niemi

Animated movies are designed to attract and capture the attention of small children. Between their color rich imagery and child-focused humor, these movies are designed with children in mind. If you're the parent of a toddler, you know that getting your child to actually sit through one of these movies in the theater is work. However, if you have other children who want to enjoy the movie, your toddler's cooperation is important. Fortunately, there are ways to get the entire family to sit back and enjoy the show. 

Come Late 

Going to the movie theater with a toddler in tow is one occasion when you don't need an excuse for being late. You can plan to be at the theater on time, but you don't necessarily need to go in the theater at the exact time printed on your ticket. While you're waiting in the lobby, ask an attendant about how long the previews generally last. 

For example, if the previews run 15 minutes, wait 10 minutes to go inside the theater. This allows time for bathroom breaks, gives your child extra time to run and stretch out, but still gives you ample time to get settled before the movie begins. When following this tip, it's best to wait until the movie has been out for a few days so that you aren't left searching for a seat once you enter inside. 

Pick Your Seat Wisely

Generally, the best seats are the ones in the center of the theater. However, when you are with a child who is more likely to get up, these are the worst seats. You want to pick your seats with a goal in mind. When going to the theater with a toddler look for the section of seats that are just near the exit door. 

Sitting in this area will allow you to exit the theater quickly if your toddler is loud, without disturbing other movie goers. If you have other children with you, in the event you need to step outside of the theater with your little one for a moment, you will be able to easily peak through the door and spot them to ensure they're fine and behaving.   

With a little planning, enjoying a movie with your toddler is a realistic possibility. Make certain you are planning your movie theater experience beforehand, so that you're prepared for anything and can actually sit back and enjoy the movie. For more information, contact Rotoscopers.


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tips for planning a movie theater birthday party

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